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Published on October 18, 2016 Updated on March 6th, 2018

  The Martingale Calculator will both help you calculate your stake (bet amount) when using the Martingale system, and also, hopefully convince you to NOT USE THE MARTINGALE SYSTEM. There are a number of ways to debunk the viability of the system, but the most important one is that it only works if you have an unlimited bank account. For those of you reading this with an unlimited bank account, stop gambling. For the rest of us, please continue reading this article below so that you can spot variations of this system when hucksters try to change a few numbers around and convince you that you can’t lose.

The Martingale System was designed in a way to progressively build a bankroll…if you are winning. Each time you win you place a standard bet, like the units size discussed in bankroll management, but each time you lose you up your bet amount to cover your previous losses to get you back to your previous high. The Martingale calculator helps you calculate what your next bet should be after a loss. The serious problem is that even at+100 odds there are going to be times that you go on 10 and 15 game runs and each time you lose. That easy math on that is that if you lose $10, you should bet $20 to return to your previous balances. If you lose that bet, you are now down $30. The bet after that, you are our $60, $120, $240, $480, $960, $1920, $3840. In just 10 bets, even a 60% bettor could go from a comfortable loss to missing rent.

To use the Martingale Calculator, simply enter the the amount of your most recent bet, the total losses you are facing and the American odds on your upcoming bet. It will return the expected stake for the next bet.

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Martingale Calculator
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Martingale Calculator
This Martingale Calculator will help you calculate your next stake using the Martingale system. Make sure you know the math behind the betting system: though frequently variations appear as valuable betting systems, there are fatal flaws.
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