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Published on November 17, 2016

Week 11 looks to be a continuation of sports bettors good fortune at the books, with Pinnacle releasing bettor friendly lines on some close matchups this week, and 5Dimes offering one of the lowest single book Thursday night odds we have seen. Also, remember to watch the video for a pick if you are dealing with a square or Las Vegas sportsbook with -110 lines. The offshore books are sending a serious message on one of this weeks matchups. Below are the Week 11 spreadsheets, for you to keep up to date on the sportsbook edge for the odds you are seeing:

Excel (.xls): NFL Week 11 Odds Spreadsheet
Open Office (.ods): NFL Week 11 Odds Spreadsheet

Week 11 Best Bet: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals

This game features prominently in both 5Dimes and Pinnacle’s odds this week. It is the lowest sportsbook edge available at Pinnacle and if you have 5Dimes, they are offering a low favorite line on the Bengals that gets combined edge down to 1.84%.

Week 11 Best Bet: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

A small anomoly here, with 5Dimes offering very low edge on both sides of this equation giving us a 1.49% edge, but only at 5Dimes. Since this one is Thursday’s game, it makes sense to jump on this one now.

Week 11 Best Bet: Green Bay Packers vs Washington Redskins

I love this matchup and the 2.39% sportsbook edge Pinnacle is offering makes it tempting to back the under performing Packers even though the Redskins find themselves at home this week. This is one I am likely to spend most of my day handicapping.

NFL Week 11 Odds
Rotation # Game Away Odds Home Odds House Edge
309 New Orleans Saints / Carolina Panthers 166 -177 1.49%
451 Tennessee Titans / Indianapolis Colts 133 -147 2.43%
453 Jacksonville Jaguars / Detroit Lions 227 -255 2.41%
455 Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kansas City Chiefs 269 -305 2.41%
457 Chicago Bears / New York Giants 270 -320 3.22%
459 Arizona Cardinals / Minnesota Vikings -104 -106 2.44%
461 Buffalo Bills / Cincinnati Bengals 128 -138 1.84%
463 Baltimore Ravens  / Dallas Cowboys 269 -305 2.41%
465 Pittsburgh Steelers / Cleveland Browns -320 281 2.44%
467 Miami Dolphins / Los Angeles Rams -120 109 2.39%
469 New England Patriots / San Francisco 49ers -651 535 2.43%
471 Philadelphia Eagles / Seattle Seahawks 248 -280 2.42%
473 Green Bay Packers / Washington Redskins 127 -140 2.39%
475 Houston Texans / Oakland Raiders (n) 210 -235 2.41%
NFL Week 11 Odds (November 17 - November 21)
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NFL Week 11 Odds (November 17 - November 21)
It is a tough week to find value in the NFL. It looks like we need a wait and see attitude this week. Lay off your early picks if you can:
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