Odds Calculator

This odds calculator and converter will convert lines offered by your sportsbook and sports betting sites to the major betting formats: American, Decimal, Fractional, Hong Kong and Indonesian Odds and Implied Probability. Because different odds formats are used in different regions and sports, it is always best to convert odds to a format you are familiar with. Particularly you will find it useful when given fractional odds and looking to convert them to American odds, when an American sports bettor heads to the horse track or futbol pitch. It also has the added advantage of including the implied probability for those unfamiliar with odds.

Betting Odds Calculator

Simply enter the odds in the appropriate space provided and it will automatically calculate to the odds and implied probabilities:

How the Odds Calculator and Converter works

Sport betting odds come in many different types, but essentially express the exact same thing. Your preference in odds is usually linked to the first sports betting experiences you had and where you had it. For instance, sports bettors in Europe and the UK are usually first exposed to fractional odds because that is was most popular way to express horse racing odds. If you cut your teeth betting on US sports betting sites on the NFL, you likely are more familiar with -110 than the speed limit. Keep in mind, that odds formats were generally created for the spoortsbook’s convenience and to confuse the bettor. You need to pay very very close attention to them and always convert odds that you are not familiar with. Most sportsbooks and sports betting sites will allow you to change how your odds are displayed, but as you are researching your handicapping, you may run into written articles that reference an odds format you are unfamiliar with. Bookmark the odds calculator to help you out with that.

There are some explanations of the various odds formats:
American Odds
Decimal Odds
Fractional Odds
Hong Kong Odds
Indonesian Odds
Implied Probability