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Online sports betting apps are popping up all across the US. Almost two dozen states already have sports betting in some format, and more are on the way. State legislatures are beginning to grasp the large opportunity presented by sports as eager bettors await regulation in their home states. As a result, the US is becoming a hotbed for sports betting, and many of the states that have sportsbooks allow betting online. This means bettors can place wagers online via desktop or mobile devices, making sports betting easier than ever.  

Plus, playing at legal, licensed, and regulated sportsbooks keeps you safe as a player. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Simply put, sports betting is weaving its way into many corners of the US. Here’s a rundown of some of the best sportsbook apps available today. 

7 Best Online Sports Betting Apps In The US


  • Current bonus offer: 20% deposit match up to $1,000
  • States live: NJ, WV, IN, PA, NH, IA, CO, IL, TN
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android
  • Visit: DraftKings Sportsbook App

DraftKings is one of the industry’s biggest sportsbook providers. It’s welcoming to new players and provides an excellent sports betting experience for seasoned bettors, too.

When you join DraftKings, you can take advantage of a deposit match bonus. DraftKings will match 20% of your first deposit up to $1,000. The bonus comes in the form of site credit, and you have to play through 25x your bonus amount to claim it. Though it’s a high playthrough requirement, the $1,000 bonus is a great way to boost the value of your account. 

For an extra helping of sportsbook action, participate in DraftKings’ weekly free pools with prizes that often exceed $10,000.


  • Current bonus offer: Risk-free first bet up to $1,000
  • States live: NJ, PA, WV, CO, IN, IL, IA, TN
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android
  • Visit: FanDuel Sportsbook App

FanDuel is another driving force in the sports betting world. The operator is often locked in competition with DraftKings, especially in high-profile sports betting markets. In General, FanDuel is a fantastic sports betting app. The $1,000 risk-free first bet is just the beginning for FanDuel players. The sportsbook has promotions galore, including an ever-rotating list of odds boosts, same game parlay specials, and multi-sport parlay insurance. 

FanDuel has a number of league partnerships in place, including the PGA and NFL, plus a few relationships with teams in legal sports betting jurisdictions. Add that to a streamlined and sleek in-app experience, and you’ve got a top-notch sportsbook.


  • Current bonus offer: 100% deposit match up to $250
  • States live: IL, IN, PA, NJ, CO, IA
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android
  • Visit: BetRivers Sportsbook App

BetRivers is Rush Street Interactive’s sports betting app. The sportsbook is a polished experience from start to finish, with plenty for sports bettors to enjoy. The primary point in BetRivers’ favor is its sign-up bonus. $250 may look like it pales in comparison to the likes of DraftKings, but the fine print tells a different story. BetRivers matches 100% of your first deposit (as opposed to 20% from DraftKings), and the playthrough requirement is only 1x. This means you can claim the bonus much faster than you could at DraftKings, which requires a 25x playthrough. 

On a technical note, BetRivers’ apps are slightly slower than the company’s bigger competitors, but the difference is negligible. You’ll still be able to place in-play bets without issue. 


  • Current bonus offer: Risk-free bet up to $500, risk-free PointsBetting bet up to $500
  • States live: NJ, IL, IN, IA
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android
  • Visit: PointsBet Sportsbook App

Australian operator PointsBet has solidified its US presence in recent months, becoming a contender in key states. Currently, PointsBet is only live in four states, but more are on the way; Colorado is next on PointsBet’s slate. 

One key differentiator for PointsBet is the high-risk high-reward PointsBetting system, where the margin of victory (or loss) directly impacts your payout or loss. It’s a unique format you can’t find anywhere else. 

Another positive for PointsBet is its boosts and promos. The sportsbook often provides excellent specials for home teams. For example, early in the NFL season, PointsBet offered a +86 spread for the Chicago Bears. If you use PointsBet, keep an eye out for these special deals.

Overall, PointsBet is an excellent online sportsbook. The app is sleek and fast, the odds are competitive, and there are plenty of promotions and boosts to look out for. 


  • Current bonus offer: risk-free first bet up to $500
  • States live: CO, IN, NV, NJ, TN, WV
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android

BetMGM is already live with an impressive slate of state, and the operator is expected to launch in Illinois and Michigan at some point as well.

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you visit BetMGM’s app or website is a banner featuring Jamie Foxx. He signed a brand deal with BetMGM to promote the sportsbook where it’s legal. This is emblematic of a larger trend; BetMGM is forming deals industry-wide, including partnerships with the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, PGA Tour, NASCAR, VSin, theCHIVE, and more

The BetMGM sportsbook is full of great betting options. US and international sports galore are featured on the platform. You’ll rarely have an issue finding a bet on your favorite sports with BetMGM. On top of that, BetMGM has some amazing promos including weekly free NFL bets, risk-free touchdown scorer bets, and much more.


  • Current bonus offer: risk-free first bet up to $500
  • States live: NJ, PA, CO
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android

FOX Bet’s sportsbook is the result of a collaboration between FOX Sports and The Stars Group. The Stars Group is a massive global betting provider based in Europe, giving FOX Bet solid industry support. 

FOX Bet’s welcome bonus is in line with other big sportsbook apps. The $500 risk-free bet gives you a wagering safety net. Lose your first bet and you’ll get the money back up to $500 in the form of site credit. That site credit can’t be withdrawn until you bet with it, though, so play smart. 

FOX Bet’s major downside is availability. It’s only live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. However, those are huge sports betting markets with a massive online presence. It’s possible FOX Bet could join its competitors in other jurisdictions like Illinois, Michigan, and West Virginia in the near future. 


  • Current bonus offer: $600 risk-free first bet plus $30 no deposit bonus
  • States live: NJ, PA, IN
  • Available on: web, iOS, Android

Unibet started in the online casino space, moving to the sportsbook world in recent years. Currently, it’s available in three states, though more are likely in the cards. 

Unibet sets itself apart with a humongous selection of sports, including niche events like chess, esports, handball, and sumo wrestling in addition to more traditionally popular American sports.

Thanks to years of experience in betting-friendly European markets, Unibet has a long history of providing solid and trustworthy sports betting content.  

Other Online Sportsbook Apps

Of course, these aren’t the only options for bettors in the US. There are plenty of other sportsbooks available in various states. 

William Hill

William Hill is making moves in multiple US states. It’s currently available in CO, IL, IA, NJ, NV, and WV. In most states, William Hill offers up to $300 as a risk-free first bet. 

If you’re looking to play at William Hill, check that your preferred platform is supported. Android and iOS usually aren’t a problem, but William Hill doesn’t always offer a web app when it goes live in a new state.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook

Most associated with casino gaming, the Golden Nugget sportsbook app is starting to gain a foothold in the US. Currently available in New Jersey and Nevada, Golden Nugget is also expected to launch in Michigan. 

The Golden Nugget sports betting app offers strong odds and exclusive “Golden Lines” odds boosters. Bettors can also earn loyalty points as part of its Golden Nugget Club Rewards program.

theScore Bet

Sports media company theScore is now offering its own sportsbook in Colorado and New Jersey. New players get a cashback offer up to $1,000 plus a $100 risk-free bet. 

theScore Bet’s main advantage is its integration with theScore’s media platform, which provides sports analysis and insights to help you place smart bets. 


Barstool is another media brand that has extended its reach into the sports betting world. The platform is live only in Pennsylvania for now, but all signs point to expansion plans that include states like Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and more. 

Sky Ute Sportsbook In Colorado

Whereas most legal online sports betting apps have a presence across the US or an international reputation, a few apps are limited to only one state. This is normally because the app is owned and operated by a local tribal casino. This is just the case with Sky Ute Sportsbook in Colorado.

Sky Ute was the first tribal-owned sportsbook in Colorado. It is not subject to the same Colorado gaming rules as other commercially-owned sportsbooks. Although they don’t offer bonuses and promotions like other sportsbooks, it’s a unique opportunity for Colorado bettors to bet locally.

Four Winds In Michigan

Similar to Sky Ute in Colorado, when online sports betting launches in Michigan, several tribal casinos plan to operate their own online sports betting apps.

Four Winds in Michigan has already opened three retail sportsbook locations. The tribal properties will release an online sportsbook as well, once state regulations allow. 

Tribal properties across the country have opted to either partner with big-name brands or launch their own sportsbooks, creating a diverse landscape with dozens of unique sports betting sites for players. Four Winds is just one example of this trend. 

What Sports Can You Bet On In The US?

The nature of legal online sports betting in the US creates a unique landscape in each individual state. Every state can regulate sports betting with their own legislation, meaning some sports that are available for betting in one state may not be available in another. 

Professional Sports

Pro sports are fair game pretty much across the board in legal sports betting markets. You can bet on any of the most popular leagues without issue:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • MLS
  • NWLS
  • WNBA
  • UFC

Plus many others. 

College Sports

NCAA sports are somewhat of a mixed bag. They’re usually available to bet on, but some states put specific restrictions on them. 

In Illinois and New Jersey, for example, you can only bet on college match-ups that don’t include a school from the state you’re betting in. So Illinois fans can’t place wagers on games including Northwestern or the University of Illinois, while New Jersey bettors can’t wager on Rutgers or Princeton match-ups. 

International Sports

Globally popular sports like soccer, rugby, and cricket are available for betting in most legal markets with few restrictions. 


Esports betting runs the gamut from completely legal to prohibited to left out of legislation completely. Before you place an esports bet, make sure you check that it’s legal in your state. 

Non-Sporting Events

Elections and awards shows are among the most popular non-sporting events on betting platforms. Not every state allows betting on them, though. It varies by state, so check your local laws or betting sites for more information. 

How Sports Betting Odds Are Calculated

If you’re new to sports betting, chances are you’ve been confused by how odds work. They can be complex to understand for a newcomer, but once you understand the basics, you’ll be betting like a pro. 

The first thing to know is that odds are typically calculated based on how many people are betting on a certain outcome. So if the Kansas City Chiefs are favored by many bettors to win over the New York Giants, the Chief’s odds to win will increase as bettors place wagers on that outcome. 

Other factors can come into play, such as team record, past performance, injured players, etc., but bets placed are the biggest determining factor in most cases. 

How To Read Odds And Determine Payouts

Sportsbooks display odds as a positive and negative numbers, and those odds tell you how much you’ll win if your bet hits. Here’s a scenario to help you understand how they work.

  • Chicago Bears +200
  • Tennessee Titans -230

This setup is showing a moneyline bet, which means those are the odds for either team to win outright. Whenever you see a negative number (in this case -230), that means that team is favored to win the match and a bet of $230 would win you $100. The positive number (+200) shows which team is the underdog and tells you how much you would win if you placed a $100 bet.

How To Use An Odds Calculator

Odds calculators help you determine what your payout would be if you were to make a specific bet. You can plug in your desired bet amount and the odds a sportsbook gives you, then the calculator will tell you what you’d win if the bet hit. 

Odds calculators are particularly useful if you’re trying to decide between a number of sportsbooks for a specific bet. Different sportsbooks offer different odds, so you can maximize your potential payout if you search for the best odds and use a calculator to help you decide your best path.

We have a number of odds calculators on our site for various types of bets, including moneyline, parlay, and futures calculators. 

Moneyline Odds Calculator

Because moneyline bets are on a single team to win, it’s the easiest calculator to use. Here’s how:

  1. Type your desired bet amount (in USD) into the proper field.
  2. Type the odds as the sportsbook lists them. 
  3. The calculator will autofill the rest of the fields and show you how much the bet would pay if you were to win. 

Parlay Odds Calculator

If you’re a fan of parlay bets (which combine multiple wagers into one), you can use a parlay-specific calculator. Here’s how:

  1. Plug in your desired bet amount in USD in the proper field. 
  2. Enter the odds for each individual leg of the parlay into the moneyline fields. Note that they don’t have to be moneyline bets; just pull the odds from whichever bets you intend to use as part of the parlay. 
  3. Click “calculate” for your combined parlay odds and potential payout. 

Check out some of our other odds calculators:

Martingale Calculator

Kelly Calculator

Fair Odds No Vig Calculator

How Can I Bet On Sports In The US

Placing a bet is easy at legal sportsbooks. You just have to go through a few steps before you’re all set to wager. 

Choose A Sportsbook And Create An Account

You can access most sportsbooks via desktop, Android, and iOS devices. If you’re using an Android device, head to your preferred sportsbook’s website to get the app. Google doesn’t allow sportsbooks in its Play Store marketplace, but you can download the app directly from the provider’s website. 

Once you have the app or have visited the website, you can create your account. It’s a similar process to creating an online banking or social media account. Have your personal information including your SSN ready and the rest will be straightforward. Onscreen prompts will guide you through the process. 

If you’re signing up on a mobile device, that’s it! If you’re on desktop, you may also have to download a geolocation plug-in. This is required to confirm that you are betting from a legal state. 

Deposit Funds

Pick your favorite deposit method (so long as it’s available at your sportsbook) and add funds to your account. PayPal, credit/debit cards, and online banking are available at most sportsbooks. 

When you deposit, also check for bonus offers. They can boost your account value and give you extra money to bet with. 

Place A Bet

Now, you’re ready to place a bet! Peruse the available odds and find the bets you might want to place. This is the perfect time to use an odds calculator, especially if you’re using multiple sportsbooks to shop for the best lines. 

After you’ve calculated your odds and figured out which bets you’d like to place, make your wager. 

Withdraw Your Winnings

If you’re lucky enough to win a few bets, you can withdraw your winnings. PayPal, online banking, ACH e-check, and check by mail are common withdrawal methods, though some sportsbooks offer separate options. 

Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In The US: Common Questions

Is online sports betting legal in the US?

Not everywhere. In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Rather than legalizing sports betting across the board, it put the issue in individual states’ hands. 

Many states have legalized online sports betting, and more are working on legislation to do so. While it’s not legal everywhere, sports betting is swiftly making its way to more US markets beyond the two dozen that already allow it.

Is it safe to use an online sportsbook app?

Yes. It is completely safe to use regulated and licensed online sports betting apps. 

When you choose a sportsbook, look for licensing and regulatory information at the bottom of the site’s webpage. This indicates that the sportsbook is licensed to operate and governed by a regulatory body in the state where you’re playing.

How old do you have to be to bet online?

21. In almost every legal market, 21 is the minimum age for online sports betting. 

When you sign up for an account, you will be required to provide a social security number (or just the last four digits of it) and your date of birth in order to confirm that you’re of betting age.

Who regulates online sportsbook apps in the US?

Each state has its own regulatory body. In some states, it’s a Gaming Board, and in others, it’s the state lottery. This varies from state to state based on legislation, but there is always a regulatory body in place that governs sports betting rules.

Are legal online sports betting apps in the US available in Apple's App Store?

In most cases, yes. Apple requires regulated gambling apps to be developed in its native programming language. It can be costly to do this, but most sportsbooks have already done the work and can easily tweak their apps when they launch in new states to meet Apple’s requirements. iOS apps are available more often than not in legal sports betting markets.

Are legal online sportsbook apps in the US available in the Google Play store?

No. Google prohibits gambling apps from the Play Store. However, sportsbooks can still offer Android apps. Instead of downloading them from the Play Store, you instead need to visit your preferred sportsbook site and download it directly from there. Follow the prompts to allow the installation and you’ll be all set.

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